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5 Interior Design Trends To Shape 2022

5 Interior Design Trends To Shape 2022

Home is no longer simply where the heart is, but increasingly, where us people are - pretty much all of the time. We’ve all spent close to a year tucked away in the comfy confines of our houses, so it’s no surprise that in 2021, interior design trends are set to centre around just that: comfort.

And while we’re all about creating a home that reflects your own, unique sense of style (especially considering this abundance of abode-time), there’s no harm in using up-and-coming interior design trends as a source of inspiration.

Here’s what we know is this-year’s trendy, so far...

1. Natural tones and warm colour palettes

Gone are the days of cool-toned, minimalist spaces. We’re heralding a brighter day: one ornately clad in beiges, browns, heavy, natural textures and hues of earthy greens and oranges.

We’re glad to hear it. After all, it’s about time we bring some personality into our living rooms, especially considering the turn to hosting Saturday-night-shindigs at home.

Cinnamon Brown Leather Look Dining Chair

This year is all about highlighting what’s inviting and distinct about your home. You can add character to a space through textiles that “embrace flaws, natural movement, and subtle moments of rough textures”, according to Kiel Wuellner, vice president of design at Vesta. Pair that with hues of limestone, sedona or fern, and you’ve got yourself a lively yet calming home.

(Products recommendation: Cinnamon brown leather look dining chair, Alina rattan bedside table)

2. Organic, spherical and undulating shapes

This welcoming of warm colours and natural tones ushers another exciting trend: biomimicry. We’re going to see increasing imitations of everything natural, through forms, colours and silhouettes found in nature.

Cloud Couch in Creme - 3 Seater

It’s said that our connection to creativity and nature is actually enhanced through using these organic forms and natural shapes in interior decoration. So, combinations of joyful colours and undulating, curved shapes are sure to reinvigorate and re-inspire.

Pillars Oak Coffee Table

(Product recommendation: Cloud couch in creme, Pillars oak coffee table)

3. Tranquility, calm

Naturally, these natural colour palettes have a lovely calming effect in the home, which is exactly what we’re aiming for in 2021. Tranquility, calm, and most importantly, comfort.

Aquamarine Armchair - Oak Legs

We’ve had plenty of time to consider our couches over the past year, and the verdict is in: it’s got to be plush, soft and, preferably, have that sink-in feeling.

But these smooth textures and comfortable styles don’t require you to sacrifice stylish interior decoration. Organic materials like rattan, jute, linen and timber are all in for 2021, and help to bring an intentional artisan feel to maximum-comfort living spaces.

(Products recommendation: Aquamarine armchair, Alina wooden bookshelf, Oslo stump side tables, Ophelia dressing stool in natural)

4. Statement pieces kept lowkey

While neutral minimalism has ruled in the previous years, eye-catching statement pieces in jewel tones and pastel hues are all the rage in 2021.

Coco Retro Armchair in Velvet Emerald

Usually, this kind of statement piece is associated with maximalism or boho style; however, pairing bold dining tables, armchairs, sofas or even lighting fixtures within a Scandinavian or California-Coastal aesthetic can bring joy to a space without deducting from its calming demeanor.

(Products recommendation: Retro walnut veneer side cupboard, Retro walnut side table, Coco retro shell armchair in velvet emerald

5. Vintage elements

Just like with statement pieces, adding some vintage or reworked furniture to your space is the perfect way to bring a unique personality to your home, while still allowing for a modern liveliness to thrive.

Incorporating vintage pieces allows the home to take on a layered effect, especially through the occasional mix of light and dark woods. Striving for perfection is out, and emphasising the fact that your home has been lived in, and loved, is well and truly in.

Of course, as sustainability becomes an ever-important, and increasingly relevant trend, expect recycled, ornate vintage pieces featuring floral designs, carvings, rounded legs and delicately patterned upholstery to flourish in 2021.

(Products recommendation: Reclaimed vintage elm side table, Violet armchair in beige - walnut leg, Wash white display cupboard, Soft blue vintage floor rug)