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Property Styling

How to style your home for Sale


A message from Peter

Hi There,

If you are considering styling your home for sale,then let me assure you it is one investment well worth making.Whether you do it yourself,or engage professional,its a relatively small output that can yield huge returns. The sole purpose of property styling is to maximise your sale price,but exactly does the process involve?

Property Styling is the process of presenting a home in a way that not only appeals to the widest possible market,but also engages buyers to form an emotional connection with the home and aspire to live there.This is done through the careful selection of a cohesive furniture and decor scheme that highlights your home’s key features in the most aspirational way possible.

After over 30 years experience in the home furnishing industry and a property developer myself and my team have helped thousands of clients create “the total look” that activates the interests of potential buyers to make one more step to making a decision to buy your property.

At culturehome weve solved hiring beautifully.Our premium on trend range of furniture and decor has been carefully curated for stylists by stylists.

With both short and long term rental options,hire as much or as little as you need for however long suits.Our Professional logistics fleet will handle delivery placement and removal-even art hanging if required.

We aim to make your hiring experience as beautiful as your styling.

Pease dont hesitate to reach out if we can assist with your property styling needs.We would love to help?

Peter Casaceli

CEO and Creative Director


Our top 10 tips

How you style your home for sale is vastly different to how you live in it.When you are living in a home,you make styling choices based on comfort,practicality and functional living.when you are styling a home for sale you need to consider opening spaces up and keeping access points clear so people can move freely during inspections.

You also need to keep in mind from what angles your spaces will be photographed and how the rooms in your home will be shot for marketing purposes,as this can dictate furniture placement.

Many people findt he thought of styling their home overwhelming.If youve found yourself asking”Where do we even start?’then we have got you covered.Read on for our top ten tips.

1.De-Clutter-Less is more

It can be often hard to recognise clutter when you are living amongst it every day.But if you are a collector,now is the time to take action.Start by making your way through the home,room by room,and removing any items that detract from the overall space.Cluttered spaces feel crowded and small so its time to clear those surfaces.Were talking shelves,kitchen bench tops,windowsills,desks,dining,coffee and side tables and bathroom vanities just to name a few.When it comes to property styling.less is more.

2.De-Personlise-Making Space

When a potential buyer walks through your home,they need to be able to envisage themselves living there which can be very hard to do when there are photos of other people amd personal affects everywhere.Now is the time to store away things that connect you to the home,so

That potential buyers can form their own connections.Think about replacing family portraits with wall art,which can often be the springboard for other styling choices such as cushions and decor.

3.Light-Let there be light

Dark interiors can be ininvting.if your home is lacking light,brighten rooms by removing heavy window coverings and flooding the home with as much light as possible.Lighten your home through the use of table lamps,floor lamps,white bed linen,light coloured rugs and surfaces that reflect light such as glass furniture and mirrors.a carefully placed mirror is one of the oldest tricks in the books when it comes to property styling.

4.Cleaning and Repairs-time for a freshen up

If you have found yourself saying the new owners can paint or they can fix that when they move in the chances are your property needs a little love and now is the time for that.A fresh coat of paint and a professional steam clean of the carpets,can make a huge difference to the feel of a home.Freshly mowed lawns,clean windows,cleared gutters and bins stored out of sight will instantly improve your curb side appeal.Dont deter your buyers before they have even stepped foot in the door.

5.Demographic-appeal to your market

The entire purpose of property styling is to elicit an emotional response from a buyer so they pay a premium for your property.You do this by telling a story and crafting a lifestyle that the buyer yearns for.Key to this,is understanding the demographic of your potential buyer and styling your home to suit them.The way you style an inner city apartment is very different to a family home by the beach.Your agent is the best person to advise you on the likely demographic of your buyer.

6.Make an entrance-first impressions count

Yes ,the main entrance to your home is the thoroughfare that buyers may pass through quickly,but also the first glimpse they get of your property and first impressions count

Make a statement with a beautiful  piece of art, a striking piece of furniture and some stunning decor items.get buyers excited about your home from the minute they step foot inside.

7.Go Green-bring the outdoors in

Plants can be a great way to bring the outdoors in and to breath

Life into a space.they instantly inject colour into your home and can revitilse an interior.

Plants and foliage from the garden can also add texture which isa  crucial element of property styling.

8.Colour-choose wisely

One of the key consideration when styling for sale, is to ensure that the home appeals to a widest possible market.While some may love a brightly coloured sofa,others may not!

With this in mind,we recommend sticking to a neutral paletteas your base.This doesnt mean the styling needs to be characterless.Colour can be introduced through small accent pieces,cushions,art,and decor.If you are considering re-painting your interior walls,we most definitely recommend you go white.

9.Scale-bigger is not always better

In a tighter space,chunky oversized furniture can make a room feel small and crowded.Similarly,in a larger space,furniture that is too small can look disproportionate and odd.Make sure the scaleof your furniture is in proportion to the size of the room. This is key and can make or break the overall look and feel of a space.

10.Furniture-when quality counts

Dated worn pieces in the home make the home itself feel dated and worn,This Can in turn make it difficult to achieve a premium sale price.Beautiful high quality product in a space is going to elevate the home in the buyers mind.if your furniture and decor is feeling a little tired,you may want to consider hiring some pieces.this is were culturehome can help.With a premium range of on trend furniture and decor.Culturehome have solved hiring beautifully.

Make your hiring experience as beautiful as your styling.

Youonly get one chance to  make a first impression

So make the right impression with culture home